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As a passionate service company and technology developer with a global footprint, READ provides seismic services for exploration, reservoir evaluation and well construction (permanent monitoring) throughout reservoir life.

READ’s core expertise is in seismic services (data acquisition and data processing).


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  • Wireline 3D HybridVSPTM - Give your reservoir illumination a boost with DAS technology combined with out unique hybrid cable and long three component digital VSP array with the patented HybridVSPTM system.
  • PerForMTM - Increase your understanding of reservoir performance with PerForMTM, a patented and commercial permanent seismic system capable of carrying 100's of sensors in to a well using production or injection tubing.  Using a system that decouples the 3C sensors from the tubing and on to the casing, PerForMTM can be used for passive seismic monitoring and time lapse VSP surveying.  Generate large time lapse volumes and monitor fluid front movement for maximized reservoir drainage and high resolution imaging.  Drill less wells by increasing field productivity and strategic well placement during the field development phase.
  • BigDipperTM - Convert any suitable offshore supply vessel into a powerful seismic source boat overnight.  Large VSP surveys require a large seismic source.  Safe and efficient operations are our priority and the BigDipperTM source minimizes rig time and operational costs in shallow or deep waters, in rough or calm seas.  The hydraulically operated sliding deployment system can deploy multiple arrays simultaneously with READ's optimized configuration of 1500 cu.in. per array.  So, with up to 6000 cu.in. to play with, the source is not only perfect for PerForMTM and 3D HybridVSPTM surveys but is equally suited to OBS, site surveys or other common source vessel applications.


Permanent Seismic - Timelapse VSP, Microseismic and Monitoring:


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