QHSE Policies

The READ (QHSE) quality, health, safety & environmental system is an integral part of our company culture.  The company views QHSE compliance as a primary management responsibility and key to business success. The READ QHSE system has the active commitment (and accountability) of all management, employees and contractors.

Through continual improvement and firm application of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management system, READ conducts its business in a manner that should not harm people and have a minimal impact upon the environment. This includes:-

  • Complying with local applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements.
  • Actively encourage ownership, commitment and a proactive attitude to the requirements of our QHSE Management System through consultation, participation and communication at all levels throughout the business.
  • Applying and supporting a risk assessment process which drives the implementation of controls to minimize the likelihood of injury or ill health.
  • Providing sufficient information, advice, training and supervision to ensure that people under our control are fully aware of their responsibilities and are trained to undertake their activities.
  • Providing a channel(s) for the communication by our employees (or other potentially affected persons) to contribute to improvements in our quality, health safety and environmental performance.
  • Recognizing and appreciating the maintenance of our safety system, yet applying established disciplinary procedures to those who breach safety regulations, procedures or directions.
  • Measuring and reporting quality, health, safety and environmental performance on a regular, consistent and meaningful basis and comparing this performance against a known benchmark.
  • Performing our various operational onshore and offshore activities in a manner that should not cause harm to our people or those persons around us and have a minimal impact upon the environment.
  • Ensure that customer care is given the highest possible priority and proactively identify and implement best practice throughout the business and by that progressively improve the service and products provided to customers.

To assist the company in achieving its safety, health, environmental and quality targets, it is committed to documenting, operating and maintaining an Integrated Management System in a manner that sustains registration to International Standards ISO 9001:2008, and BS OHSAS 18001:2007.  It is our company’s belief that, in operating to these standards, we will meet the Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental requirements of our customers and the Industry.