Jakob Haldorsen had a session at EAGE 2018 in Copenhagen:  Vertical-Seismic Profiling Using a Hybrid Tool, Combining Three-Component Geophones with DAS Sensors.

Abstract available here.

We introduce a VSP tool combining three-component geophones with Distributed Acoustic Sensing to the surface for optimum image resolution near the target with a maximized lateral image aperture. However, combining VSP measurements made by geophones with DAS data, it is important to realize the difference between a DAS sensor and a three-component geophone, and also between a DAS sensor and a single-axis geophone. We explore these
differences in order to create an optimum VSP image.

US patent 9,903,972 - Seismic cable, system and method for acquiring information about seismic, microseismic and mechanical vibration incidents in a well.


A seismic sensor cable for lowering into a subterranean well for acquiring information about seismic, microseismic and mechanical vibration incidents in the subterranean well, where the device comprises a first portion that is elongate and has a first length with a proximal end and a distal end that are to be lowered down into a lower part of the subterranean well, the first portion having a plurality of electric or electromechanical multicomponent seismic sensors that are connected and distributed over large parts of its first length, and wherein the seismic profiling device further comprises a second portion that is elongate and has a second length with a proximal end that is to be held above the subterranean well and a distal end that is to be lowered down into the upper part of the subterranean well, said second portion comprising an optical fiber that runs along large parts of said second portion, and an electric cable for conducting electric power from the proximal end to said seismic sensors in the first portion, and a connector for connecting the proximal end of the first portion to the distal end of the second portion. The invention also comprises a system and a method for acquiring information about seismic, microseismic and mechanical vibration incidents in the subterranean well.

READ Group is a technology focused organization that offers complete well coverage to surface with both temporary and permanent sensor deployments. We are the experts in complex VSP and Microseismic imaging.

PerForMTM is a patented commercial completion system capable of carrying various sensors in to a well using production or injection tubing. With projects underway to permanently deploy over 100 3C seismic sensors in to a deepwater subsea well and a shallower water dry tree well we continue to break new ground in our industry. In a temporary setting we combine DAS technology with our own hybrid cable and long 3C digital VSP arrays to offer the patentedHybridVSPTM system that has just been deployed to Mexico for a long term project where we will acquire the largest 3DVSPs ever attempted and provide huge 3DVSP seismic volumes that will save our client millions in drilling costs.

Combine this with our market leading vector data processing, bandwidth enhancement and noise reduction we suggest you visit us at booth 2111 at the 86th SEG Annual Meeting if you have interest in reducing E&P costs and maximizing well productivity.

US patent 9,772,419 - Decomposing full-waveform sonic data into propagating waves for characterizing a wellbore and its immediate surroundings


A method for estimating parameters of a propagating wave field, such as the direction of propagation in 3D space of an  acoustic wave from borehole-acoustic data. The estimation technique uses phase delays between recordings made by the individual receivers related to a plane wave travelling across the receiver array. The estimated plane waves include the wave field generated directly by the acoustic source, as well as refracted and reflected components of these fields. The technique can be used with overlapping wave fields. This will provide significant improvements in the quality of formation properties estimated from full-waveform data that are obtained either from wireline or from while-drilling sonic data. The inventive method enables characterization of abnormalities outside multiple casing strings where acoustic signals are transmitted from a source located inside said multiple casing string.

READ welcomes you to Denver Geophysical Society - The MicroSeismic Study group.

It's not a good time to pick Denver: Real examples show better microseismic event locations with a fast and efficient method using an automated migration-deconvolution approach.

Presented by Nicholas J Brooks MSc, READ Group & Jakob B. U. Haldorsen (Inventor / Author - not presenting)

Date: Tuesday, February 16th

Time: 11:30 am to 12:30pm

Location: EnCana Oil & Gas, 370 17th St, 40th Floor, Castle Peak Conference Room

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READ Group has completed the first HybridVSPTM offshore Mexico. Using our new BigDipperTM 3000 cubic inch seismic source system, over 25,000 shot points were acquired in to a deep well in one spiral pass with seismic receiver coverage from total depth to surface. The data is being processed with a number of objectives that includes very large illumination maps to delineate the reservoir and redefining a complex geological model including steeply dipping structures and salt. This brings about a new age in large 3DVSP data acquisition and processing with our patented combination of 3C high temperature array technology with continuous fiber acoustic monitoring to surface. READ uses a specially adapted modular winch unit and has introduced new processing methods to handle the wealth of new data that HybridVSPTM brings.

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New development for 2015 and beyond include the patented HybridVSPTM system combining DAS with 3C sensor in one array and 100 level + subsea permanent well seismic installations with patented PerForMTM. In data processing ask about our newly published salt flank imaging technology. Our microseismic processing is now suitable for downhole and surface monitoring. Our latest 3DVSP migration which uses a vector approach for better focusing and automated PP and PS output volumes. We have even introduced a new product line related to Well Integrity. There are many reason to visit booth 1642 and reacquaint yourself with the READ Group.