READ Group is a technology focused organization that offers complete well coverage to surface with both temporary and permanent sensor deployments. We are the experts in complex VSP and Microseismic imaging.

PerForMTM is a patented commercial completion system capable of carrying various sensors in to a well using production or injection tubing. With projects underway to permanently deploy over 100 3C seismic sensors in to a deepwater subsea well and a shallower water dry tree well we continue to break new ground in our industry. In a temporary setting we combine DAS technology with our own hybrid cable and long 3C digital VSP arrays to offer the patentedHybridVSPTM system that has just been deployed to Mexico for a long term project where we will acquire the largest 3DVSPs ever attempted and provide huge 3DVSP seismic volumes that will save our client millions in drilling costs.

Combine this with our market leading vector data processing, bandwidth enhancement and noise reduction we suggest you visit us at booth 2111 at the 86th SEG Annual Meeting if you have interest in reducing E&P costs and maximizing well productivity.