Downhole Technology

Downhole Technology - Knowledge Through Understanding


READ is a provider of downhole technology to the upstream oil and gas industry. Our core business combines longstanding expertise in seismic acquisition and seismic data processing combined with innovative development of downhole seismic monitoring equipment. Thanks to our record of innovation in both offshore engineering and data processing, READ’s importance to the hydrocarbon industry far outweighs its size.


Our niche position enables us to deal on a One-on-One basis with our clients ensuring prompt and efficient response to specific client needs. READ will continue its clear differentiation of products and services through the delivery of niche products and new unique solutions, thus building on READ’s strengths of intellectual property and innovative drive.


Seismic Services


READ have developed an excellent record of service since 1987 in the provision of VSP Services and have been instrumental in providing substantial cost savings for the operators through efficient operations and multilevel technology.  It is our intention to provide highly competitive services.