HybridVSPTM is READ patented combination of three component (3C) high temperature digital Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) array technology coupled with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) antenna to surface.

Traditional VSP surveys require multiple movements of a VSP array tool to achieve full well coverage. Large VSP surveys and expensive rig rates render this option cost prohibitive and the array is simply clamped in a single position severely limiting the amount of data recorded and processed.

DAS data is capable of full well coverage with very dense sampling, but is affected by low sensitivity, especially with seismic waves that sideswipe the well, depth error and lack of directional information.

By combining the two VSP methods we can correct for depth, attain directionality at a chosen target and take full advantage of total well coverage that has so  far been unachievable in borehole seismic surveying.

Using our specially prepared hybrid wireline and recording unit, we acquire data with traditional sources and for offshore work make use of our powerful and efficient BigDipperTM seismic source that is easily installed on a client supply vessel.

Our latest processing algorithms ensure high quality 3D images covering up to 200 square kilometerse around the well. When coupled with our multiple migration approach we provide 3DVSP images to surface and up to 50% increase in lateral coverage.