Seismic Source



Convert any suitable offshore supply vessel in to a powerful seismic source boat overnight.  Large VSP surveys require a large seismic source. Safe and efficient operations are our priority and the BigDipperTM source minimizes rig time and operational costs in shallow or deep waters, in rough or calm seas. The hydraulically operated sliding deployment system can deploy multiple arrays simultaneously with READ ’s optimized configuration of 1500 per array.  So, with up to 6000 to play with, the source is not only perfect for PerForMTM and 3D HybridVSPTM surveys but is equally suited to OBS, site surveys or other common source vessel applications.

BigDipper The main components of a VSP source system are safety, reliability, repeatability, efficiency and portability. In the past a borehole seismic source array could be anything from a single 150 gun to a small tuned array ten times larger in volume.  Today, READ’s very large HybridVSPTM and PerForMTM 3DVSPs require more power, safer handling and improved operational efficiency. We no longer need crane deployment and our fully portable system can be safely secured to any suitable OSV worldwide, without the need for ABS recertification.  So, for a short survey that lasts less than a month there is no need to use an expensive surface seismic vessel. BigDipperTM consists of compressors, hydraulic power pack, fuel tanks, umbilicals, sliding deployment frame, arrays, subarrays, shooting shack and floats. It is mostly containerized, for ease of transportation, and is temporarily secured to the deck of a DP supply vessel.

We operate both air and water cooled compressors for redundancy and non-stop operations, even in extreme conditions. If any of the arrays need to be brought on deck for servicing, or due to weather, we can retrieve and redeploy the gun arrays in 30 minutes, saving our clients on expensive rig

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