Seismic Processing



Dedicated expertise from planning, through to acquisition, processing and product delivery makes READ stand out amongst the crowd.

Detailed planning of VSP surveys is the foundation of a successful project. Highly qualified geophysical staff with years of experience in planning VSP surveys is complimented by the most powerful 3D wavefront ray tracer available. We will optimise the survey geometry to enhance final results. A critical first step in VSP surveying.

SaltImageREAD proprietary software SprintTM is used to process all types of VSP, Microseismic and acoustic data.  Special data conditioning is applied to weak signals such as DAS or Microseismic before one of our imaging modules is used to generate the final results.  We take advantage of primary, reflected and multiple vector wavefields to generate the most accurate well integrity analysis, microseismic maps, 3D VSP and salt flank images.

Our proprietary VSP data processing package, SprintTM, maintains it's position as the highest ranking VSP imaging package proven through industry benchmarks. At the hands of a highly qualified and skilled team it is easy to see why we achieve best-in-class VSP images time after time. Whether the input data is acquired by READ or by a competing company, our data processing toolkit is second to none. From basic checkshot through to 9-C and 3D VSP, fast turnaround with quality results characterises our VSP processing services.

READ provides state of the art OBC processing including 4 component separation, deterministic deconvolution and anisotropic depth migration of both PP and PS wavefield.

READ offer a wide range of 2D & 3D surface seismic processing products and has carried out a diversity of surface seismic processing services since 1987.  By using a combination of well known commercial software and in-house proprietary software, SprintTM, READ is able to deliver high quality processing and fast turnaround.  READ has strong experience in both surface seismic, multi-component and well seismic processing and can provide an integrated processing of the different disciplines.

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